Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Quality Center Basics

What is Quality Center

HP Quality Center offers software quality assurance, including requirements management, test management and business process testing for IT and application environments.HP Quality Center (QC) is a set of Active X-based test management software offerings from the HP Software Division of Hewlett-Packard, many of which were acquired from Mercury Interactive Corporation.

Quality Center Versions

1) 8.0 - First Version QC
2) 8.2 - SP1
3) 9.0 - In 2006
4) 9.2 - In 2007
5) 9.5 - In 2008
6) 10.0 - In 2009
7) 11.0 - In 2010

HP Quality Center 11

HP is the Market Share leader in the worldwide distributed testing market in 2011*.The recently released version of HP 11 products suite further reinforces HP market dominance in this space going forward and will ensure that it retains its position as the leader of the pack for foreseeable future.
HP Quality Center 11(QC 11) enables traditional users to integrate business process Models with Business requirements,provides a rich text editor for maintaining business requirements.

New Features in HP QC 11
-The HP Sprinter module
-Project planning and Tracking Module
-Sprinter's Mirror testing Feature

The HP Quality Center 11(QC 11) is Available in three versions, HP Quality Center software is ActiveX-based software used for global application testing. HP Quality Center is available as HP Quality Center Starter Edition software and HP Quality Center Enterprise software. The Starter Edition is for entry-level software quality assurance organizations. The Enterprise version, originally called Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center, is for quality assurance organizations that are managing medium to large releases. In addition, for large and global organizations that manage enterprise-wide releases with hundreds of applications,HP Application Lifecycle Management 11 incorporates the capabilities of Quality Center Enterprise along with Project Planning and Tracking, Enterprise Release Management and Asset Sharing to manage functional quality, performance and security from requirements to application delivery.

Quality Center Supports Various Activities like

1)Requirement Management
2)Test Design
3)Test Execution
4)Defect Management
5)Traceability among requirements,test cases and defects
6)Integrating with other tools like Winrunner,QTP and Loadrunner

Key Benefits of HP Quality Center

HP Quality Center is the proven leader in IT quality management and fully supports your quality testing center of excellence (TCoE) initiative.

HP Quality Center users have realized significant return on their investments:
45% reduction in quality and performance testing cost and effort
60% reduction in requirements management cost and effort
50% reduction in the cost and effort associated with fixing defects
HP Quality Center leverages the same platform as HP Application Lifecycle Management, so expansion across the entire application lifecycle is easy transition
HP Quality Center can be deployed in the cloud with HP Quality Center on SaaS